Automated Elevator Systems

Green Elevator Technology

has made a commitment to our customers to always use the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly products and technology available in the most cost effective way possible.

Green Motors By utilizing a highly efficient single speed, variable frequency alternating current (AC) motor for geared machine applications or an alternating current (AC) permanent magnet gearless machine motor, you can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 65% when compared to traditional direct current (DC) applications.

Green Control Systems When installing a new conveyance control the customer will appreciate a number of energy saving and convenient features. Such as, utilizing a low consumption microprocessor to control all functions in the most efficient means possible, the conveyance going into sleep mode when not being used, using solid state components that greatly reduce heat and most effective is the addition of a power regeneration unit that actually generates power using gravity and free travel of the elevator and counterweight to produce electricity every moment the elevator is in motion but not under load. The regeneration unit sends the generated power back into the elevator system and your buildings electrical system for use. Overall recovering about 50% of the elevators energy for use by other building load.

Green Motor Drive The use of a solid state variable frequency motor drive allows the power to be supplied to the motor in the most efficient way possible. Acceleration and deceleration are smooth and steady, with the motor drive stopping the elevator electrically thru dynamic braking. The elevator stop is almost undetectable by the rider. This greatly reduces suspension rope wear, machine wear and mechanical brake wear as well as making for a much more comfortable ride for the passengers.

Green Lighting and Ventilation Quite simply if the elevator is not in use, our system turns the light and fan off, the moment any function is made the light and fan come back on. This in conjunction with the use of LED lighting can save the customer up to 80% of the consumption of units utilizing a 24-7 fan and lights.

Green Fixtures The use of low voltage serial communication fixtures and LED singling lights reduces heat and energy consumption as well as giving the customer thousands more hours of bulb life.

By-Product All of these features reduce heat generation and energy consumption, which in turn also reduces the load on your buildings HVAC system, saving even more energy and extending the life of your equipment.



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